Kajari Seeds Kajari Melon Cucumis Melo

Kajari Seeds Kajari Melon Cucumis Melo
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Color: Orange
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Pkg of 20 Organic Rare Seeds From My Personal Oraganic Garden Kajaris are rare & amazing! These are HOT weather, small size fruits usually about 1-2 pounds they turn orange when they are ripe with a light green to cream colored, juicy flesh & a thin skin. Plant directly in garden in warm weather or start indoors. These melons have had quite the journey from India & are becoming largely popular but seeds are still fairly rare & sell out fast. They are truly prolific & do AMAZING in the heat so if you are in a hot climate like me & have sweltering summers, you should have very good luck in getting lots of kajari melons! I currently have 2 vines going that you can see in the photos & they are just getting started. 5-7 days to germination & 70-80 days to first harvest Give them plenty of room. You can grow them on a trellis to save some space & they will send out their tendrills to climb it. When you have melons big enough - about the size of your palm - tie them up in a bag or a small sling so you don’t risk them dropping & breaking open. They are a slip melon meaning when they are ripe they will slip off the vine. Check them often ~ they are beginning to ripen when the green skin starts to turn orange & they should be ready in 3-5 days from the first hint of orange - leave them on the vine until they slip off! I also recommend leaving them on the counter for about 3 days just so they get REAL sweet & then in the fridge over night for a good chill… if you can wait that long! From My Personal Oraganic Garden Kajari Seeds Kajari Melon Cucumis Melo