Intentions Globe For Home Blessing

Intentions Globe For Home Blessing
Brand: Etsy - GracefulHealing2
Color: Grey
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Every intention globe is a little different! Each is filled with herbs, botanicals, spices, positive energy, & crystals! Where do you put them…some suggestions are over your front door to ward off negative energy, but hang it anywhere you intuitions directs you to. They are different shapes, round or a flat round ball & beautifully decorated. An intention has been specifically set for love, peace, protection, wealth & harmony in your home, office or anywhere you desire. It’s a perfect gift for a new homeowner or a wedding gift. While the intentions have been set, what you want to manifest with your ornament is up to you. It is said that the seal should not be broken or the intention will be broken. Trust your intuition & enjoy your journey to graceful healing. Intentions Globe For Home Blessing