Homebody Booknook

Homebody Booknook
Categories: Green Drinks, Drinks
Brand: Etsy - FableNook
Color: Brown
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Are you or your friends a total homebody? Then this is a booknook for you! I have created this quiet cozy corner for all those who love to stay at home, get into comfy pajamas, snuggle in a cushioned chair & read a good book with a hot coco or green tea by your side. Enjoy! There are so many tiny details in there to watch & admire. I have added a ceiling fan with lights for night time viewing (fan doesn’t work! Lights does) Note: all miniatures in my shop are for adult collectors only. There are minute objects. Please keep them out of reach of small children. I’m always available for questions just leave a message & I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Homebody Booknook