Garden Border Fence Powder-coated Iron 10x0,65 m

Garden Border Fence Powder-coated Iron 10x0,65 m
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This garden border fence, suitable for all types of outdoor use, is ideal for embellishing your yard! This stylish border fence, with a length of 10 m, is designed to protect the edges of your garden or lawn. Due to the high-quality materials, our border fence is weather-and-water resistant, therefore ensuring a long-service life. This decorative fence helps keep your garden neat and tidy and also adds definition to any landscape bed or border. And the iron wire design effectively keeps animals out of flower beds and avoids mischievous picking. Furthermore, the border fence can be fixed in the ground with its pointed ends to add extra security and stability. The garden fence will brighten up your garden. Colour: Green Durable powder-coated iron wire Total size: 10 x 0.65 m (L x H) Fabric: PVC: 20%