From Mid 20Th Cent. Kochan Salt Bag

From Mid 20Th Cent. Kochan Salt Bag
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Color: Dark Olive
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Grazing animal owners pour salt on the stones at least once a week to meet the salt needs of the sheep herds. Herds of sheep, eating their salt, then flock to the water sources. The sheep, thirsty under the influence of salt, meet their water needs from natural sources & start to graze hungrily. Salt bags are used to feed animals with salt so that they get thirsty & eat more grass in the mountainous Middle East. This & many other purposeful textiles serve as lifetime functions for their pastoral lifestyle. Apart from the bags in many forms like a saddlebag, or salt bags, other forms of textiles like horsecloths, tablecloths, tent doors, & wall hangings are different creative aspects of the oriental rug-making world. Vintage From the 1950s Materials: Wool Length: 1'9’’ Width: 1'4’’ From Mid 20Th Cent. Kochan Salt Bag