Eye See You Face Planter

Eye See You Face Planter
Brand: Etsy - saraelynch
Color: Brown
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This is a new design for me I started making after a client requested a planter where the plant would look like their hair. The idea to make eyes all around it came to me as a hypnagogic hallucination. Which in this case means I saw it visually as I was drifting off to sleep They are made from a red earthenware clay that remains porous yet strong after firing. I glaze the outside to seal it & preserve the design but leave the inside unglazed. This, in addition to the multiple drainage holes, allow oxygen to your plant’s roots, water to properly drain, & prevents root rot. All of this makes for happy plants! They are 4in or 10cm tall. Perfect for growing small succulents indoors year round or maybe some fun flowers or herbs outside in the summer. They come with their matching saucer too. Eye See You Face Planter