Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend 0.5G/200 Seeds - Xeranthemum Annuum Gmo Free

Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend 0.5G/200 Seeds - Xeranthemum Annuum Gmo Free
Brand: Etsy - EuroGardenStore
Color: Purple
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Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend 0.5g / 200 Seeds - Xeranthemum Annuum GMO Free Please check out the rest of our shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EuroGardenStore It is not easy to find an annual flower that will look more charming in a hot & dry summer than an annual dryflower. These delicate plants, full of unpretentious charm, are perfect for compositions of dry flowers & grasses, but they can also be successfully planted in a summer bed. Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend takes a straight shape thanks to its rather thin but stiff shoots. The stem of this subtle plant produces numerous branches, topped with flower baskets. Flower shoots can grow up to 30-60 cm in height. The plants develop numerous leaves, arranged in parallel on the shoots. The foliage of the species presented is lanceolate, has an entire edge & is covered with a nap. Flower baskets develop in July & retain their decorative qualities throughout August. The inflorescence of the annual dryflower consists of only tubular flowers. The surrounding petals are actually leaves, tinted a different color to the rest of the foliage. Mixture of colorful varieties of these lovely plants. White, magenta & light purple dry flowers will grow out of it. The proposed species blooms most beautifully in highly sunny places. It prefers slightly moist soils, with permeable structure, free of weeds & not showing any tendency to water. Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend are grown in 25 x 25 cm seedlings. If you are sowing seeds with the intention of obtaining lush specimens for a cut flower, the spacing between individual plants can be increased. Representatives of this species do not show resistance to frost. Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend is a well-known bedding plant which, thanks to its subtle habit & attractive form of flower baskets, creates successful compositions with most popular summer flowers. Its flowering shoots are very often used to create dry bouquets, because the leaves, surrounding the tubular flowers, retain their intense colors well & for a long time. These durable, undemanding plants can therefore decorate the garden in the summer, & in all other seasons - the apartment. Everlasting Annual Flowers Blend 0.5G/200 Seeds - Xeranthemum Annuum Gmo Free