Empress Tree 40 Seeds -See Description Below - Aromatic Hummingbirds Love Container Gardening Paulownia Tomentosa

Empress Tree 40 Seeds -See Description Below - Aromatic Hummingbirds Love Container Gardening Paulownia Tomentosa
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Empress Tree Paulownia tomentosa Note: This seed purchased as a single item will be shipped by first class envelope without tracking An elegant deciduous tree with blue-green, heart shaped / oval leaves that are somewhat fuzzy to the touch. Dazzling flowers cluster in a show of pale violet giving off a pleasant fragrance that can’t be resisted. Following this spring show is a fruit that dries full of seeds. The rough grey-brown bark is accented by olive colored stems that is sure to please the gardener year round! Fun Facts: 1. Princess tree was introduced to the U.S. as an ornamental & landscape tree around 1840 2. It was first imported to Europe in the 1830’s by the Dutch East India Company 3. The tree has since become naturalized in the eastern U.S. & is also grown on the west coast 4. Princess tree is native to western & central China where historical records describe its medicinal, ornamental, & timber uses as early as the third century B.C. 5. It was cultivated centuries ago in Japan where it is valued in many traditions 6. Recently it has also been grown in plantations & harvested for export to Japan where its wood is highly valued 7. Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment 8. Grown for the beautiful leaf shape & flowers 9. Another fun plant from seeds of the Rainforest Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final The pictures are representative only - seeds are exactly as described here produced by professional growers Our goal is to provide rare & hard to find seeds for hobby growers & collectors. We welcome those less experienced who want to expand their collections & growing experience. Realize that most tropical seeds will need PATIENCE & will not germinate FAST. No complaints. We will be here to help you grow the seeds you have with polite questions only. When Germinating seeds - FOLLOW instructions provided. All varieties have growing instructions. Do not use alternate methods then want us to replace when failure occurs. Do not use paper towel method. This will lead to molds & rot & failure of germination. = = =All Seed counts are approximate. Sometimes you will get a few extra, sometimes there may be one missing. Seeds vary in size & appearance - this is how nature made them. Don’t expect big seeds when a particular variety is a small seed. = = =Research if needed prior to purchase -Its up to you to AVOID disappointments & misunderstandings by reading the listing & provided growing instructions/label - & having proper expectations as well as understanding germination time frame. Seeds DO NOT germinate in a few days or even weeks or months & may not be at the same time- this is normal in nature- If you have questions or need help PLEASE ASK = = = For experienced gardeners only - Many seeds will not germinate fast & require much patience & good care-especially tropical & tree seed. Seed growing is meant to be a fun experiencefor those beginners that want to try anyway do so