Emerge Happy Organic Cotton Scarf

Emerge Happy Organic Cotton Scarf
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Etsy - SIPGOODS
Color: Purple
Size: custom
46.88 GBP
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This happy scarf is a unique fashion statement & - as the tag says - it is designed to surround you with LOVE! Emerge Happy is based on my watercolor butterflies. Butterflies fascinate me. I love how they are symbolic of emerging beyond something & resilience. They are so delicate yet must carry some record for endurance. This is made entirely with organic cotton & is light weight, soft & drapes nicely. It is also breathable & comfortable to wear. The simple comb fringe adds a sophisticated style. This design was a delight to paint. I feel it has both a modern & timeless feel. Pair it with a simple dress or top your blue jeans/white t shirt look for a great pop of color. The colors are delicious There are so many ways to wear a scarf. Have fun just throwing it on & letting the design & fabric flow as they may. My organic cotton scarves come nicely presented & make great gifts. 28 x 78 Emerge Happy Organic Cotton Scarf