Einemgeld - 100% Food Grade Silicone Tea Infuser (otter set of 2)

Einemgeld - 100% Food Grade Silicone Tea Infuser (otter set of 2)
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ENJOY YOUR TEAÉ À ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Who can be with you throughout your tea party? ? Tea time is an essential part of a day. Add an infuser to tea otter your cup, resembling a happy soaked otter in a hot tub swirl, adding new joy to your tea. tea iNeibo Otter Silicone Infuser: Otter Infuser tea super cute design otter Small hole, without losing the tea leaves spilled in a cup but a cup of tea strong Made; made of quality silicone food safe, will leave no taste in the tea. Easy to clean clean, dishwasher safe Easy to clean to make tea, hang this little otter tea strainer on the rim of the cup, filled with hot water. Easy to remove tea warm without burning your finger. Washing instructions: The first time you use it, wash it first with warm soapy water and sterilize it with boiling water for 5 minutes. Do not clean it with abrasive soap or a scouring pad. scour. Machine wash recommended. Care Tips: Do not heat it directly on fire Do not pull it violently or scratch it with sharp objects