Crypto Seed Storage Brass Bar Btc Cool Wallet Backup Recovery With Electric Engraver Hand Sketched

Crypto Seed Storage Brass Bar Btc Cool Wallet Backup Recovery With Electric Engraver Hand Sketched
Brand: Etsy - Hooe
Color: Silver
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Crypto Seed Storage - Store your mnemonic/seeds from popular wallets like Ledger, Cool Wallet, Keep Key & Trezor Brass Melting temperature 930oC Engrave your 12 or 24 recovery phrase to the metal bar Brand : Hooe England PACKAGE INCLUDES 1. 1 x 100 mm x 12 mm Brass Hexagon Bar 2. 1 x Cordless electric engraver 3. 2 x Tamper sticker 4. 2 x Lemon Wipes IMPORTANT Do not engrave the seed word by holding the bar with one hand & etch with the other, To make it easier engrave your mnemonic word by placing it on a flat surface(Jewellers block)so that you will get a better & precise output. HOW TO USE Step 1 It is recommended to practice in other surfaces before engraving the actual bar so that you will get an idea about how to engrave properly & how much pressure to be applied on the pen while engraving. Step 2 Unscrew your engraving pen & insert 2 AA batteries into the engraver & tight it, wipe the metal bar with the lemon wipe (included) to remove dust or any other substances from it for a better output. Step 3. Place the metal bar on Jewellers block( not included) & draw a straight-line on each column with a marker to get your seed phrase of similar size, start the Engraver by pressing the on/off button located on the grip side & start engraving, make sure the bar won’t move when you start engraving, repeat the process until each word has finished. SECURE To add another layer of security insert the finished bar insert it into an envelope of your choice & seal it with the tamper sticker by this you can make sure no one has accessed it. Hide it in a safe place, it should be used as your a last recovery option, retrieve it only if your secondary backup methods is compromised. By this you can create an Indestructible primary backup to your wallet. NOTE We highly recommend you to have friends/family (secondary) backup for your wallet. On a secondary backup 2 metal plates are provided, 2 of them are to input your seed phrase, you can either give it to 2 relatives/trusted people (12 seed words each)by this method you can access your wallet even in emergency situations. Your wallet will only open if two of the plates come together. Click the link below to purchase primary/secondary backup plates/Jewellers block from us PRIMARY BACKUP METAL PLATES WITH ELECTRIC PEN Stainless Steel bar(Melting temp 1510oC) : Brass (Melting temperature 930oC) : Titanium (Melting temperature 1668oC ) : Aluminium (Melting temperature 660oC) : Copper (Melting temperature 1084oC) : PRIMARY BACKUP METAL PLATES WITH PUNCHING TOOL Stainless Steel (Melting temperature 1510oC): Brass (Melting temperature 930oC) : Titanium (Melting temperature 1668oC ) :