Coffee Arabica Nana-Dwarf 10 Seeds

Coffee Arabica Nana-Dwarf 10 Seeds
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Coffea arabica was first described scientifically by Antoine de Jussieu, who named it Jasminum arabicum after studying a specimen from the Botanic Gardens of Amsterdam. The plant can tolerate low temperatures, but not frost, & it does best with an average temperature between 15 & 24 oC (59 & 75 oF).[15] Commercial cultivars mostly only grow to about 5 m, & are frequently trimmed as low as 2 m to facilitate harvesting. Unlike Coffea canephora, C. arabica prefers to be grown in light shade.[16] Two to four years after planting, C. arabica produces small, white, highly fragrant flowers. The sweet fragrance resembles the sweet smell of jasmine flowers. Flowers opening on sunny days result in the greatest numbers of berries. Coffee Arabica Nana-Dwarf 10 Seeds