Calligraphy Nibs Holder Organizer Nib Storage Maureen

Calligraphy Nibs Holder Organizer Nib Storage Maureen
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Brand: Etsy - lessandmore
Color: Brown
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With this chic & handy calligraphy nibs holder you never will be rummaging around in search of your nibs. Designed for the special needs & with the helping hand of a lovely calligrapher the organizer holds up to 39 nibs (fit perfectly with regular BRAUSE nibs). The holes are arranged in laterally offset relationship with one another & provide enough space between them to remove the nibs comfortably. in addition they are purpose-drilled: if using the nibs frequently put them into the holes at a higher profile for easy removing, & they still won’t fall over. If you need to transport them in the organizer just put the nibs as low profile as possible to prevent them from dropping. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS width: 9,37 (23,8 cm) depth: 2,36 (6 cm) height: 1,18 (3 cm) 39 circular holes appr. 0,24 (0,6 cm) in diameter weight: 10,58 oz (300 g) MATERIALS Made from one handpicked single piece of solid oak. Hand sanded satiny smooth & finished with a long lasting environmentally-friendly oil that keeps the natural look & feel of the wood & allows it to breath. (Tested according to DIN EN 71, Part 3, Safe for Toys.) Hand stamped on the bottom. The wood comes from our family owned organic farm with its sustainably managed forests (take a sneak peek: The logs are cut by using solar energy. Also available with bigger holes to store perfume/cologne/essential oil samples Calligraphy Nibs Holder Organizer Nib Storage Maureen