Burnt Green Earth - Kremer Dry Powder Pigments

Burnt Green Earth - Kremer Dry Powder Pigments
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Color: Brown
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We offer only the highest quality pigments, manufactured specifically for fine artists using age-old recipes. Follow in the footsteps of the Old Masters & make your own paint simply by mixing our pigments & binders. How To Make Your Own Paint: Egg Tempera: Use the yolk of an egg with 1:1 distilled water. Oil Paint: Mix with linseed, walnut or poppy oil - thin with turpentine. Watercolour: Soak ground Gum Arabic in water & mix it with the pigment. Acrylic: Mix with our binder, Dispersion K498. Ink: Mix with our binder, Shellac Ink Diluter. Why Use Pigments Over Tubed Paint? in addition to the pigment & binder, many manufacturers add inert fillers, stabilisers & preservatives to extend the volume of tubed paint, increase shelf life & cut their costs, which has a negative effect on the quality. Pigments, pure & free of additives, have increased vibrancy, longevity, stability, lightfastness, are vastly cheaper & never expire! Product Information: Reddish, coarser grind. Chemical description: Natural green earth. Lightfastness - medium: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best) Lightfastness - thinned: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best) Lightfastness - concentrated: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best) Suitability: Acrylics, Cement / Tadelakt, Ceramic, Lime / Fresco, Oil, Silicate binder, Waterglass, Tempera, Watercolour / Gouache Colour: Green Form: Powder Solubility in water: Insoluble Safety Information: NOT SUITABLE FOR COSMETICS. Avoid contact with eyes & skin. Avoid breathing dust & was hands after use. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using. Wear a NIOSH-certified dust respirator. Keep out of reach of children. Download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) at: www.apothecary.art Burnt Green Earth - Kremer Dry Powder Pigments