Bumblebee Mica Powder Colorant

Bumblebee Mica Powder Colorant
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Etsy - TheFreshieJunkie
Color: Yellow
3.64 GBP
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Bumblebee is one of our newest color shades & already a customer favorite!! PRODUCT INFORMATION: Available in Sample (BAG ONLY), 10 Gram & 1 OZ jars Store in a dry, cool area Intended for the use with freshies PLEASE NOTE - Sample sizes only come in a bag. All other sizes can be purchased in a jar. Product is known for use in other DIY projects; however, we are not responsible for your product results. You will need to test our mica with your product. Colors may vary. Shipping »DOUBLE CHECK Bumblebee Mica Powder Colorant