Bulk Pack Seed Paper Circles 1.8

Bulk Pack Seed Paper Circles 1.8
Brand: Etsy - ButterflyGhost
Color: Pink
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Wild Flowers Mix Seed Paper Circles 1.8 (4.6 cm) - Set of 30 Our ecological seed paper favors is handmade by recycled cotton fibers & embedded seeds from different types of wildflowers. Once you plant the paper in a pot with soil or outside in the garden, the seeds in the paper germinate & turn into beautiful flowering plants. By planting these flowers, you maintain the population of bees, butterflies & other pollinating insects. Perfect for various types of crafting - wedding invitations or favorites, baby showers, cards & all kinds of environmental projects. The paper is 100% biodegradable. How to plant the paper: 1 / Place paper on top of compost, cover lightly with more compost. 2/ Give the paper (compost) a good drink of water. 3/ Place somewhere warm & bright place to grow! Do not allow it to get dry, as this will reduce the chance of seed growth. The germination of the seeds is aleatory, random, depending on humidity, heat, soil & some times season. Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something you love here. Happy Shopping! Elly Bulk Pack Seed Paper Circles 1.8