Blue Morocco Rug Unique M'rirt Beni Ourain Custom Size Authentic Wool Bl-01_Bl-07

Blue Morocco Rug Unique M'rirt Beni Ourain Custom Size Authentic Wool Bl-01_Bl-07
Brand: Etsy - WeBerber
Color: Blue
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Colours may vary from screen to another if you have any doubts please contact us. Are you looking for the Authentic Handmade Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug? The masterpiece that will add a touch of style to your interior & impress all your guests! Looking for a new experience of softness & comfort above your new precious! Why get your Beni Ourain rug from WeBerber? Our WeBerber SHOP provides the most Beautiful Authentic Moroccan rugs. Each rug is unique. No one in the world will have the same one! Our rugs are hand-woven by Artist Berber craftswomen whose know-how has spanned centuries from generation to generation. You help craftspeople to promote their arts & perpetuate their traditions. WeBerber is brand Created by crafters for the development of weavers. How Our Beni Ourain Rugs Are Made? Getting a Beni Ourain from us, you are sure to buy the best quality of Morrocan rug. The wool of the carpet comes from the sheep of the high Atlas mountains. This water-rich environment allows our sheep to feed mainly on 100% organic herbs & plants, the climate of these regions is dry & cool at the same time because of the altitude. These environmental conditions allow the Berber sheep to flourish & provide very high-quality wool, ultra-soft & warm, an infinite pleasure for our toes. Our Beni Ourain carpets are not only a decorative piece to embellish your rooms. It is art stories that tell the story of the ancient Berber past & its encounter with the current life of its nomadic creator. A pride for the Berber culture & the one who appropriates it. Home Decor Ideas with Beni Ourain Rug The famous Beni Ourain rug is now on the cover of the world’s leading home decoration magazines. This Abstract rug with character goes perfectly with all interior styles, Bohemian, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Traditional… Our Art Deco rug will bring warmth to a minimalist & designer room while in more traditional dcor, it introduces a dose of pop modernity. It is definitely the little something that humanizes a raw atmosphere or harmonizes a contemporary interior. region:High Atlas Mountains, Morocco circa: 2019 dimensions:pick your size. pile height:high PS: this is a made to order item, it will take more than 4 weeks to be delivered. Escape to the beauty of Marrakesh with this beautiful Beni Ourain Rug. Hand weaved from the finest in sheep’s wool & created with the highest in quality materials. this Beni Ouarain Rug is the perfect accent to your Moroccan decor. Soft & lush, this Moroccan rug is made of some of the softest wool that you can find on the planet. Great as a gift for the exotic traveler or the lover of world marketplaces, this handwoven rug is sure to be a gift that he or she will treasure for decades. This beni ourain rug will be a conversation for years to come! WeBerber is a company created by Abdelghani Hammoud, the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family located in the Middle Atlas mountains, in Khemisset, a small town