Blue Hummingbird Diy Diamond Painting Kits For Adults Kids Tropical Birds Paint By Diamonds Art Full Square Or Round Drill Cross Stitch Gift

Blue Hummingbird Diy Diamond Painting Kits For Adults Kids Tropical Birds Paint By Diamonds Art Full Square Or Round Drill Cross Stitch Gift
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Blue Hummingbird - DIY 5d Diamond Painting Kits You can make a diamond painting by yourself! It is so easy! A bird drink nectar from a flower in diamond painting. When you want a creative adventure that is designed for the everyone to enjoy, no matter their artistic ability, diamond painting is going to be the perfect activity. Why do you ask the question? Here are 6 reasons as to why that is. 1. Beginner-friendly: Kids & adults alike will be able to enjoy paint by diamonds with these kits. 2. Relaxing & stress-relieving: Since diamond painting is easy, it’s going to be a great stress-relieving activity that will help you to enjoy creativity as it is meant to be enjoyed. 3. Teaches focus & concentration in a creative way: For kids, paint with diamonds is going to help encourage their creative skills & also make sure that they are learning about the importance of focusing on a single task with concentration to get it done correctly. 4. A great group-bonding activity: Diamond painting is all about collaboration & it can be a great activity to do with your kids, your spouses or partners & even as a larger group of friends. 5. Creates a unique & stunning wall hanging: The final result of a beautiful modern self-painted piece of art is going to be great in every room & office. 6. A thoughtful & heartfelt gift: Since finding the right gift for someone can be really challenging, this is a great creative venture to give to someone. By going with diamond painting art creation, everyone can explore their creative side & enjoy a beautiful final piece of art that is going to always be worthwhile. DIY 5D Diamond Painting Blue Hummingbird Product information: Type: 5D Diamond painting (This is NOT finished a picture, you need to make by yourself) Recommended Age: 6 years old+ Canvas: HD Canvas Diamond Material: Resin beads Diamond Type: Round / Square (Optional) Diamond Size: 0.1 Inch / 25 MM Color: As picture shows Frame: Not include the frame. (It’s just a rolled canvas & tools) Package: Rolled around the tube & wrapped in bubble wrap or box packing Canvas Size: Different sizes (Optional) NOTE: The larger canvas size, the better effect! The diamond paintings of 8 inch / 20 cm or lower are intended to check a new hobby or beginners, these images may not have the optimal resolution, please choose a 16 inch / 40 cm or bigger diamond painting to get the best results! Usually, complex colorful paintings with delicate details need bigger canvas size. What’s in include the package of Blue Hummingbird? 1 x High quality numeral canvas Set x Colorful diamonds (Extra 30% diamonds to make your use more comfortable) 1 x Diamond painting pen 1 x Cube diamond tray 2 x Cube clay 1 x Tweezers IMPORTANT TIPS: Please DO NOT put the diamonds in place where children under 6 can easily access, so as to avoid being swallowed by them. Don’t open all the film on the canvas at once. When you suddenly stop diamond painting, please cover the