Bear Block Salted Porridge Soap

Bear Block Salted Porridge Soap
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Whether your hair is golden, or you’re hairy all over…Miss G. Locks thinks this unscented, unfussy, Shea Butter Salted Porridge Soap is Juuuuust Right! BEAR BLOCK’s Sea Salt is collected and packed by hand in Sicily using traditional methods. Unrefined, not chemically treated, it contains all of its natural trace minerals without any “anti-caking” synthetic agents.Native to Western Africa, the Shea Butter forms a staple part of this BLOCK. A similar phenolic profile to green tea, excellent moisturising and emollient properties and very high levels of vitamins A + E make this simple, unrefined fat a powerhouse for BEAR BLOCK performing like a beast!Not just great for your nutrition, the British Oats are used to sooth itchiness, irritation + redness. When your skin needs a bit of help, these are the guys to do it. It’s not just the high amount of antioxidants - studies have shown that after using oats in skincare, the skins natural pH levels are reached far faster. not given Completely allergen free, it is the soap to choose for even the most sensitive skins.This biodegradeable soap has the lowest carbon footprint of any BLOCK we make.Wrapped in lablels printed on uncoated FSC paper to ISO 14001:2015 Eco standard, and boxes made in house from UK manufactured 100% recycled card.INCI Ingredients:SODIUM OLIVATE, SODIUM COCOATE, SODIUM PALMATE, GLYCERIN, SODIUM SHEA BUTTERATE, AQUA, KAOLIN, SODIUM CASTORATE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, SUCROSE, AVENA SATIVA KERNEL MEAL