4 Arm Powder Coated Steel Rotary Airer, 40 Metres - JVL

4 Arm Powder Coated Steel Rotary Airer, 40 Metres - JVL
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: JVL
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Take the stress out of laundry days and let your rotary airer do the work! Plus, you will save energy by drying your clothes naturally outside, meaning no expensive dryer bills. With 40 metres of drying space, this 4-arm rotary airer is robust and comes with an easy-to-use umbrella locking system. It’s made from a steel frame construction and includes a ground socket for securely fixing into the ground. The rotary airer is fully collapsable, allowing it to be easily stored away when not in use and it’ll dry a total of 30kg of washing. Features: The 4-arm rotary airer offers 40m of drying space to ensure there is room for all the family’s laundry Built to last - the heavy-duty frame is made from a steel construction and powder coated for a premium finish in slate grey with teal accents on the ends and clothes line Easy to install - the ground socket is secured into the which provides a sturdy base for your airer to sit with basic assembly required for the joining of the two-piece split