100 Seeds - Organic Summer Savory Herb SeedsJ083-Satureja Hortensis

100 Seeds - Organic Summer Savory Herb SeedsJ083-Satureja Hortensis
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100 Seeds- Organic Summer Savory Herb SeedsJ083-Satureja Hortensis This delicate, aromatic little plant grows quickly in rich soil. Used in bean, pea & lentil recipes, summer savory has a more delicate flavour than winter savory. Sow Summer Savory seeds in the spring. After flowering, pull it up & hang to dry. Let a few plants go to seed, & it should come back the following year. This herb grows to 25cm (10) tall. This is a must have in any herb garden. Grow Summer Savory for your garden from herb seeds & season meat & veggies all summer long. As fast as you pick these aromatic leaves, new ones begin to grow! Summer Savory herb is popular along the eastern regions of Canada. It is also well-used in foods from some European Countries like France & Bulgaria. It’s bright, pungent & slightly sweet. Summer Savory boasts a warming, peppery scent & taste. One of the essential ingredients in Herbs de Provence (along with rosemary, thyme, & oregano). Summer Savory is also wonderful alone to season beans, meats & dressings. Summer Savory herb plants forms single stems 4 - 15 inches tall that are lined with linear dark green leaves up to 4 inches long. Whorls of lilac-purple flowers appear in summer. Plant spreads 7 - 30 inches after growing from herb seed. Summer savory is a half hardy annual. Winter savory is perennial. Both are well suited to container growing. All savories prefer full sun & well-drained, rather poor soil. Summer savory wants a warm, protected spot in the herb garden, while winter savory is less fussy. Do not feed with liquid fertilizer. Pick leaves as needed, & cut back if the plants begin to appear leggy. Follow this handy How to Grow Savory from seeds Guide & grow some spice. How To Grow Summer Savory From Herb Seeds: To get a jump start, sow Summer Savory seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to the end of frost season. For areas with a longer growing season, sow the herb seeds in well-drained to dry, neutral to alkaline soil in full sun after danger of last frost is over. For harvesting, the leaves & sprigs can be collected anytime once the Summer Savory plants reach a height of 6 inches. For best results, clip the leaves in the late morning before the heat of the day sets in. If seeking a small quantity of fresh leaves for a single use, snip only the tip of the stem. For larger quantities for drying, stem can be cut 3 - 4 inches from surface of soil. Dry on a screen or by hanging upside down. Season: Annual USDA Zones: 3 - 9 Height: 6-10 inches Bloom Season: Summer Bloom Color: Lilac Environment: Full sun Soil Type: Moist, well-drained, pH 6.1 - 7.8 Temperature: 60 - 70F (15-21 C) Average Germ Time: 10 - 14 days Light Required: Yes Depth: Press seed onto surface of soil, cover lightly with peat moss Sowing Rate: 1 seed per inch Moisture: Keep moist until germination Plant Spacing: Rows 12 inches a 100 Seeds - Organic Summer Savory Herb SeedsJ083-Satureja Hortensis