100% food grade silicone tea infuser (set of 2 otter)

100% food grade silicone tea infuser (set of 2 otter)
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ENJOY TEA ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Who can be with you at your tea party? ? Tea time is an essential part of a day. Add an Otter tea infuser to your cup, like a happy otter bathed in a whirlpool whirlpool tub Otter tea infuser with super cute design Small hole, without losing the tea leaves poured into a cup but a strong cup of tea Made from food-safe quality silicone, will not leave any flavor in your tea. Easy to clean clean, dishwasher safe Easy to clean for making tea , hang this otter tea strainer on the edge of the cup, filled with hot water. Easy to remove tea reheat without burning your fingers. Washing instructions: The first time you use it, wash it first with warm soapy water and sterilize it with boiling water for 5 minutes. Do not clean it with abrasive soap or an abrasive sponge. scour. Washing machine recommended. Care advice: Do not heat it directly on the fire Do not pull it violently or scratch it with sharp objects The sudden temperature change must not exceed 240 ° C when