100 Flower Seed Paper Mini Hearts Confetti - Tiny Plantable Your Choice Color

100 Flower Seed Paper Mini Hearts Confetti - Tiny Plantable Your Choice Color
Brand: Etsy - RecycledIdeasFavors
Color: Pink
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Plantable Paper - Mini Confetti Hearts Plant them, they grow! The small but sweet plantable paper seed hearts contain a mix of flower seeds embedded right inside the paper confetti you can grow. Add to our other plantable shapes for a pop of color, or use them on their own. SIZE: These are TINY hearts: 1/2 inch. Fits inside a dime perfectly. Please note, being these are TINY, you may not always see seeds in every one. We try our best to ensure a seed is visible in every one, but some small seeds are very tiny (poppies especially) & cannot always be seen, especially in thicker paper. A pretty PDF card template is included free with each order of plantable paper hearts. Choose the color of hearts you’d like for your event. We offer 17 rich colors, & 14 varieties of flower seeds in the plantable paper. The seeds include both annuals & also beautiful perennials for blooms in the years to follow. COLOR CHOICES Burgundy, Berry, Orange, Tangerine, Emerald, Light Green, Sunshine, Pale Yellow, Royal Purple, Lilac, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Teal, Baby Pink, Coffee, Warm Beige, White plus Assorted Fall Colors & Greens. We also have the following color schemes: - Jewel Tones: Berry, royal blue, royal purple, & teal - Pastels: Baby pink, baby blue, white, light green, lilac, & pale yellow - Warm colors: Burgundy, berry, orange, tangerine, & sunshine. aka ‘Autumn Colors’ - Neutrals: White, warm beige, & coffee Please let us know in the notes to seller box at checkout which color you would like if you require a specific color. OTHER SIZES Confetti hearts (one inch)… our BEST SELLER http://www.etsy.com/listing/210681432/300-seed-paper-confetti-hearts-flower Large hearts (three inches)… a GREAT VALUE! http://www.etsy.com/listing/210595697/20-200-plantable-paper-hearts-flower Why order from Recycled Ideas Favors? Our original Recycled Ideas shop was the first shop on Etsy to make plantable paper, & although we are often imitated, we are not truly matched anywhere by our level of craft, devotion to our customers, & ability to meet a deadline. We created this new Recycled Ideas Favors shop to give our excellent customers options at lower price points, & also to a include a broader range of favor types. We love seeds, but there’s a lot more to love! Quality is our highest priority, & we take care to make sure each & every thing that goes out or door is well-made & delivered on time. You are also welcome to shop & browse our original store, too, for made-to-order plantable paper in custom colors, if you don’t see a color you’re looking for here. Our link to our original shop is below - scroll to the end. PLANTING SEEDS All orders are done on a made-to-order basis to promote freshness. Seeds include a mix of annuals, for first year color, & also beautiful perennials for blooms in the years to follow: Zinnia, daisies, dianthus/Sweet Williams, black-eyed susans, snapdragons, red flax, candytuft, poppies, catchfly, wallflowers, baby blue eyes, & five spot. All are