10 X Aloe Cryptopoda Seeds

10 X Aloe Cryptopoda Seeds
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Color: Orange
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Aloe cryptopoda is a very attractive & unique species, a popular garden plant, it provides a spectacular display when in full flower. Each plant varies & yellow flowering forms are not uncommon. It thrives well in cultivation & is suitable for home gardens. Aloe cryptopoda is usually stemless or has a short hidden stem, up to a 800 mm long & grows alone or in small groups. The leaves are narrow & oblong up to 900 x 150 mm. They are greyish green & without any spines on the surface but there are reddish brown teeth along the margins, which are small & pointed. Flowers are cylindrical, 40 x 7 mm, the buds reddish, turning yellow when open. in some forms the flowers remain yellow. It usually flowers in June & July (winter). Full sowing & planting instructions go out with each order. 10 X Aloe Cryptopoda Seeds