10 Billy Buttons Flower Seeds D1001

10 Billy Buttons Flower Seeds D1001
Brand: Etsy - SunshineSeedsUS
Color: Yellow
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NAME: Billy Buttons QUANTITY: 50 Seeds Per Packet. Each seed packet include the Growing instructions! Asteraceae, mostly known as the golden ball in China. Native to Australia, perennial herbaceous flowers, often as an annual cultivation, narrow lance-shaped leaves, waxy, gray-white pilose, gray-green leaves, rosette basal, flowering stems erect & less branched, the top of the golden yellow spherical flowers, formed by the majority of tubular flowers in a group of umbels, drumstick-shaped or golden globes. Excellent fresh cut flowers & dried flowers, long life in a bottle, as a matching flower, it is commonly used in bridal bouquets, headpieces, groom boutonnieres, table flowers, bouquets, cakes, table floral arrangements, etc.. COMBINE SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING ON ADDITIONAL PACKS SEEDS, & FREE SHIPPING OF ORDER OVER $35! ONE PAY ONE LOW FLAT RATE SHIPPING, NO MATTER HOW MANY YOU PACKS YOU PURCHASED! WELCOME TO VISIT MY STORE FOR OVER 1000+ TYPES OF PLANT SEEDS!! 10 Billy Buttons Flower Seeds D1001