1 Rhizome Of Curcuma Caesia, Black Turmeric Plant + Free Phytosanitary Certificate

1 Rhizome Of Curcuma Caesia, Black Turmeric Plant + Free Phytosanitary Certificate
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1 Bulb (Rhizome) of CURCUMA CAESIA, Black Turmeric, Family : Zingiberaceae, herb plant from THAILAND. This price includes the fee of the Phytosanitary Certificate. Product Name : 1 Rhizome of CURCUMA CAESIA, Black Turmeric Science Name of Plant : Curcuma caesia Family : ZINGIBERACEAE Note: - We can ship this bulb with the Phytosanitary Certificate to worldwide the inspection from your customs. - For Customers in only United States, The USDA permits to import the plant products to USA without your import permit papers, if they are lower than 13 plants per a package with the phytosanitary certificate. For the plant products are more than 12 plants, you have to send the copy of papers import permit papers to us. - For Customers in only Canada, you should contact CFIA Import Service Centre to require your import permit papers, before importing the plant products. - For Customers in only Australia, you have to send the copy of your import permit papers to us & then we can give the Phytosanitary Certificate to you. It is very hard to import the plant to Australia. You should check with the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) on import requirements. - For Customers in Brazil & Mexico,your customs may be strict to import the plant to your country. You should contact your customs for the import permit before ordering. in other countries, you don’t send your import permit papers to me. To import the plant into your country without the Phytosanitary Certificate, the plant may risk to be inspected & destroyed from your customs. Plant/Bulb(s) are shipped at buyer’s risk. That is to say we pack them the best way possible but if damage occur because of rough transit it is beyond our responsibility. However if certain plants rot or die in the box, we can discuss possible solutions. Please be aware of laws & regulations of your country regarding importation of plant materials as we will not be responsible for any items confiscated at your customs. For any items lost in transit please contact us. The phytosanitary Certificate is to certify that the plants, plant products or other regulated articles described herein have been inspected and/ or tested according to appropriate official procedures & are considered to be free from the quarantine pests specified by the importing contracting party & to conform with the current phytosanitary requirements of the importing contracting party, including those for regulated non - quarantine pests. 1 Rhizome Of Curcuma Caesia, Black Turmeric Plant + Free Phytosanitary Certificate