1-10lb Highest Fragrance Lavender Dry Organic Bulk Wholesale English Grosso French Biodegradable Natural Flower Confetti Sterile Compostable

1-10lb Highest Fragrance Lavender Dry Organic Bulk Wholesale English Grosso French Biodegradable Natural Flower Confetti Sterile Compostable
Brand: Etsy - Atelieremmarose
Color: Purple
20.82 GBP
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HIGHEST FRAGRANCE LAVENDER 100% pure dried Lavender bulk lavender wholesale, Natural flower confetti, ecofriendly & biodegradable confetti, sterile & compostable. (NO fillers, oils, dyes, additives, chemicals, etc). 1lb is about 12 cups; As wedding toss/favors - 1lb per 30-40 guests. Crafting grade lavender, graded for fragrance not color, affordable & cost effective. The fragrance will last SEVERAL years 100% Natural flower confetti wedding exit toss, aromatherapy spa natural relaxation sleep aid, anti-anxiety calming Fresh crop from most recent harvest in Provence FRANCE, professionally dried, cleaned & sifted to remove extra stems/debris The natural soothing properties of lavender make it perfect for use in all your personal & home care products - lotions, creams, body butter, household cleaners, body sprays, body oils, body scrub, perfumes, soaps, lavender water, etc. The perfect floral bouquet for potpourri, herbal heat packs, eye pillows, enclosed sachets, bridal shower favors, wedding exit toss, biodegradable natural flower confetti. For Sachets 1/4-1/3cup per 3x4 organza bag/cone, 1/2cup per 3x4 muslin bag LAVENDER GRADES - Not sure which lavender to get? Here is a car analogy I sometimes give people. All premium lavender have the words Premium or Super Blue in the title. Crafting Lavender - Ford Focus (Great Fragrance, COLOR NOT IMPORTANT & Varies a lot. SEE 2ND IMAGE; Price Level $). Best for herbal packs, enclosed sachets, all applications where lavender color is NOT important - www.etsy.com/listing/151491970/1-10lb-organic-highest-fragrance-dried Super Blue Lavender - BMW 5 Series (MOST VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE lavender - consistent deep purple color. Great Fragrance, Excellent Purple Color, Price Level - www.etsy.com/listing/116012341/super-blue-lavender-organic-premium 75/25 Blend - Lexus/Infinity/Acura (GREAT VALUE, Great Fragrance, Very Good Purple Color, 75% super blue + 25% regular, Price Level - www.etsy.com/listing/106696754/premium-7525-organic-dried-lavender-bud 50/50 Blend - Camry/Accord (Great fragrance, Good Purple Color, 50% regular + 50% super blue, Price Level - www.etsy.com/listing/155530697/premium-5050-wedding-exit-toss-organic Rose & Lavender Blend - VERY VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE (Great Fragrance, Visually Attractive Color, Price Level . Very romantic, mix of 3 types of roses + 2 types of lavender - www.etsy.com/listing/130202314/1-6lbs-premium-wedding-flower-exit-toss Dried Rose Buds & Petals - Good Fragrance, Visually Attractive Color, Price Level - www.etsy.com/listing/156436922/1-8lbs-rose-petas-buds-organic-dried BUY NOW or WAIT / STORAGE, CARE & HOW LONG WILL IT LAST - Our lavender is from the most recent harvest, so waiting until closer to your event date does not mean you will get a fresher product. We ship to you in reclosable Ziploc-type bags to retain freshness. Stored correctly, away from heat, moisture & sunlight; lavender will keep its scent for 3-10 years. If